Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Murder Mystery: The Credits

I believe that cast credits are due since the people who were a part of this entire experience were an amazing team.

Writers: Jake Smith "and" Jared Seale

Directors: Jared Seale and Jake Smith

Producers: No one. This was a free enterprise.

Score Composed by: Cee Lo Green

Lightning Director: Zeus

Stage Manager: Michael Scott

Sound Design: This was a novel. Duh.

Casting Director: Jake Smith and Jared Seale

Stunt Choreographer: Drake Bell

Gary the P: Jonah Hill/Harrison Ford
Calara: Reese Witherspoon
Waldo: Jeff Goldbloom
Reginabeth/Hubert: Queen Latifah
Stan Devlin: Cillian Murphy/Skrillex (Uncredited)
Charlie the A: Dominic Monhagan
Karen: Elizabeth Banks
Reese Witherspoon: Nicole Kidman
Batman: Jack Nicholson
DJ Jazzy Joker: Christian Bale
Nahim: Aziz Ansari
Reggie: ?
Marcus: Tom Cruise
Jack: Matthew Fox
Franklin: Jerry Seinfeld
All the Mayorres: William Shatner
Jim Toth: Jim Toth
Sam the Farmer: Rupert Grint

Extra Super Mega Ultra Uber Spectacular Thanks to Dan Bergstein

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