Thursday, January 26, 2012

Part 6x^2 = 2(78)x . Solve for x.

There was total stillness. Everyone stared at The Caped Crusader, their jaws dropped and shoulders unaligned.

"Batman?" Gary the P said with amazement.

"That's right, kid." Batman growled. "You needed help, and I'm here to do just that."

"But how did you know we were here?" Calara asked judgmentally.

"Gotham City didn't need me anymore. I'm strictly Springfield now." Batman growled.

"Is this warehouse even in Springfield?" Karen grumbled.

But before Batman had a chance to answer, Reese charged at Karen with a blunt 2x4. The battle had resumed.

Karen whipped out her bo staff and countered the charge. Batman threw his Batarangat Karen's face, but he missed and hit a crash test dummy. Gary the P and Calara led a two front attack wielding garbage can lids, but Karen deflected them with her two equipped shields. She seemed to be untouchable.

Meanwhile, Stan was calling in backup. He hadn't anticipated so much interruption with his plan, and he wasn't about to let it fall through. He smiled to himself, knowing it would all be over soon.

A few minutes of heated battle passed, and the only damage Karen took was a 3 from a 1d10 attack from Reese's lumber. All of the sudden, the crowd heard a loud crash. A car had driven through the wall of the warehouse!

"You needed us, boss?" meowed Charlie as he climbed out of the crashed Ford Anglia.

"Reporting for duty." said Nahim, as he climbed out and brandished his brass knuckles.

After them, out climbed Marcus and Reggie might have also climbed out.

It was a 4 to 6 battle now. On one side stood our heroes, Gary the P, Calara, Reese, and Batman. On the other side stood Stan, Karen, Marcus, Nahim, Charlie, and possibly Reggie. Realizing that it was an unfair match, Karen became a hero once again to make it even.

It was all down to this.

"Alright, people!" Stan announced. "I think we all know how this is going to go down."

"You'll never win!" Gary the P shouted. "Good always triumphs over evil!"

"I wasn't talking about that, you silly boy." Stan smirked. "I mean the course of the battle. Charlie, explain the rules, please."

"Right, sir." Charlie the A responded. "Alright, here's what's going to happen. I've prepared a list of the deciding factors of this final battle. The side who earns the best of five wins, and the fate of Mayor Wes the Triumphant is sealed."

Confused to the point of not understanding, our heroes stepped over to read the sheet of paper.

~The Final Battle~
Event I - Ping Pong
Karen vs. Nahim

Event II - Foosball
Batman vs. Charlie

Event III - Push-Up Contest
Reese vs. Reggie

Event IV - Darts
Calara vs. Marcus

Event V - DJ Remix Battle
Gary the P vs. Stan Devlin

"Wait, seriously?" Gary the P asked. "This is how it's going down?" 

"Indeed. It is tradition. Now, we'll take a 15 minute break to discuss team strategies while I set up the events." Stan said, barely containing his excitement for the upcoming festivities.

The teams separated. "Alright, guys, how are we looking?" Gary the P said. "I don't know anyone better than Calara at darts, so I'm pretty sure we're covered there."

"Oh, thanks." Calara blushed.

"Ra's al Ghul trained me in the art of foosball." Batman growled. "No problems there."

Karen and Reese both seemed unsure about their events.

"What's ping pong?" Karen asked to a chorus of facepalms.

"I can't do push-ups! I haven't used my arm muscles since 1995!" Reese said. "What about you, honey?" she asked to Gary the P. "Are you any good at DJ'ing?

"I think we'll just have to see about that." he said hesitantly.


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