Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Murder Mystery Part 10.5

Through the eyes of Sam from Nebraska

Sam woke up early one morning on his farm located about 50 miles out of Lincoln. It was Monday and it was the time of season to begin harvesting crops to take to the market, so Sam arose at this early hour to get a jump-start on the work. For hours that morning he toiled away in his fields and harvested much corn. In fact, the corn he harvested was in a greater quantity this season than it had been in any season of past years.

Because of this bountiful harvest, Sam was happy. At noon, he entered his house where his wife, Maggie, was preparing a lunch for him. The lunch was a sandwich with turkey and American Cheese on it with also some lettuce and tomato. The lunch was good, and Sam soon returned to the fields to continue the corn harvest. The work went swiftly in the afternoon, and by evening Sam was feeling accomplished. He returned inside to his home where Maggie had cooked up a fine chicken stew. They ate the stew at the dinner table together, their hound, Bruce, begging for scraps at their sides.

Later that night, after closing up the barn with the harvesting tools inside, and sending the farmhand, Joe, back home, Sam watched the television for two hours. In addition to watching the news, he found a rerun of a Wheel of Fortune episode he had not yet seen and decided to watch it. It was enjoyable, and Sam guessed two of the puzzles correctly before the contestants. All the while, Maggie was knitting a scarf for her niece, June, to wear that coming winter.

 After he was finished watching television, Sam went upstairs and changed into his nightclothes as Maggie changed into her robes. They lied down next to each other in bed, and after a long day's work Sam and Maggie drifted off into a pleasant and peaceful sleep.

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