Thursday, January 26, 2012

Quick Recap

Hey guys. Jared here. Since Jake and I have created the most convoluted, incomprehensible narrative in the history of literature (glossing over Twilight, of course), I'm taking the opportunity to do a quick recap of characters and events so you guys don't get too lost in our final chapters. Here we go:


Gary the P -- The P is for Protagonist. Until he revealed his true form in Part 21, he was a foolish romantic desperately trying to woo his best friend and ally, Calara Rara. Recently however, he has exposed us to his handsome and cunning actual being. His destiny is to stop the murders that have been killing off the nation's mayors.

Calara Rara -- Gary the P's best friend. She is a quick thinker in most occasions and has recently fallen is love with Gary the P's natural persona. 

Waldo the P -- Gary the P's father. He provided the plane tickets to Springfield, where our heroes currently are (or near, I can't remember).

Reese Witherspoon -- Gary the P's mother. She received a phone call from Gary the P in his most recent fight, and is aiding him now.

Batman -- The most recent addition to the team.

Villains (alive):

Stan Devlin -- The leader of the 200-Miles-Out-of-Springfield Mafia. He was orchestrating the deaths of the mayors that spun the story into action. Played by Cillian Murphy.

Karen -- She has been both hero and villain, but is currently a villain. She may or may not be working for Stan, and she may or not may not be a villain. She did work at Estacada City Hall.

Charlie the A from Dom Deluise's: Betrayed our heroes as he revealed that he was a villain. He is in an unknown location, as where we last saw him he was a hologram.

Reggie, Nahim, and Marcus -- The other members of the mafia. Reggie might be dead, I can't remember.

Villains (deceased):

Jack -- Was killed somehow. Partners with Franklin. Worked for Stan.

Franklin -- Killed by Karen's longbow. Worked for Stan. Jewish.

Reggie (Maybe)

Hubert/Reginabeth the P -- The serial killer who had been killing off the nation's mayors. She was an assassin under the work of the 200-Miles-Out-of-Springfield Mafia. Gary the P thought her to be her mother until he found out that it was actually Reese Witherspoon. She recently was killed with Reese's harpoon gun.

Other Characters:

Mayor Bob the Righteous of Seattle -- First slain by Hubert.

Mayor Tim the Fabulous of Estacada, Oregon -- Second or third slain by Hubert.

Mayor Sid the Quizzical of Phoenix, Arizona -- Second of third slain by Hubert.

Mayor Wes the Triumphant of Springfield -- The last remaining mayor.

Hubert "Dale" Cumber -- Gary the P's grandfather that has been dead for fifteen years.

Sam -- Nebraskan farmer.

Jim Toth -- Reese's husband.


Hope that clears things up, somewhat.


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