Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Here's Part 25. It's the Murder Mystery. Written in Haiku.

In honor of it having recently been the Chinese New Year, I've decided to write today's section of the murder mystery in the Japanese poetry style, Haiku. Enjoy.

Gary the P hurts
Reese and Calara then went
To aid their dear friend

The villain lives on
Though Gary keeps hitting her
The endless cycle

"Help me!" he screams out
Reese takes out her harpoon gun
A spear through a chest

Reginabeth howls
Defeat seems to grow nearer
The lights start to dim

"Stop it with the lights!"
Gary sees the janitor
He likes the switches

The villain now dies
"Goodbye my phony mother"
Gary says. No tears.

"Gary! There's still Stan!"
Calara urgently said
And the three dashed off

The scene of the crime
Springfield's mayor lies helpless here
Devlin will soon win

Our heroes rush in
"Stop! Stop! Stop! Stop! Stop! Stop! Stop!"
Reese shouted loudly

Stan had a crush on...
He lowered his machine gun
"Reese, I adore you"

Using seduction
Reese then disarmed Stan Devlin
Victory is mine

"Not quite" said a voice
Karen emerged from the dark
"I have betrayed you!"

Confused at this turn
"Why did you pretend to help?"
Gary the P quizzed

"It was all a plot!"
Karen remarked with a smirk
"Ha ha ha Hee Ha!"

Karen beat up Reese
All hope now seemed to be lost
Then all hope was lost

"But wait! What's that noise?!"
Calara heard a rustle
Out of the bushes!

Na Na Na Na Na
Na Na Na Na Na Na Na
Na Na Na Batman!

"I'm Batman!" he growled.
Here to save the day he was!
A battle ensues


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