Saturday, January 28, 2012

The Penultimate Part to the Penultimate Part, Part 28

Gary the P knew the fate of Mayor Wes the Triumphant rested in his hands. The score was 2-to-2 in the game, and his and Stan Devlin's DJ Remix Battle would either save or condemn the mayor. It was tense.

"Foolish child," Stan said pretty awesomely, "Have you no idea who I am?"

"Say what?" said Gary the P in an impression of Brutus from Shakespeare's Julius Caesar.

Stan placed his hand at his neckline and tugged the mask he was wearing off of him. It revealed his long, black hair and some kind of face.

"You're... no... you can't be... Skrillex?" Gary the P speeched.

"Let's get this started." Stan said with a grin.

They went to opposite sides of the warehouse. Instantly, two panels opened up underneath them, and a DJ mixer table ascended from each one. It was actually a huge coincidence, they were just planning to beatbox and pretend it was remixing.

Gary the P attempted to familiarize himself with the mixer, but it was far more complicated than anything he had seen. Stan, however, started to work on his song immediately.

"Oh, geez, what do I do?" Gary the P thought to himself. "I have no clue where to even start..."

"Come on, Gary the P, you can do it!" Calara said. "I LOVE --"

Gary the P didn't hear the last part because he had put his headphones on to begin working. He slid a few sliders back and forth, knobbed a few knobs, but he knew he was getting nowhere. He looked at his laptop monitor to see what song he was to remix.

"'More Than a Feeling' by Boston?!" Gary the P shouted mentally. "How can I possibly remix this? *sigh*... Here goes nothing."

And he began to insert loops, set effects, adjust EQ's and do everything else he didn't know how to do. Fifteen minutes later, he heard the foghorn that signaled his time was up.

He handed Charlie the CD with the remix, and walked towards our other heroes. They noticed his gloominess, and their faces fell. It wasn't looking good for Mayor Wes the Triumphant.

"Awlroight, ev'rybohdy!" Charlie said with a sudden heavy British accent. "It's time to hea' whot oh competitahs 'ave arranged foh us."

He popped Stan's CD into the boombox first. Instantly, sounds of a dubstep "Dust in the Wind" by Kansas flooded the warehouse. Gary the P's heart sank. It was the most serene thing he'd ever heard. There were bass drops in all the right places, scratches where he would have never thought to put them, and phasing effects that blended in with the acoustic guitar so well that Reggie might have cried.

"It's okay, son, I'm sure whatever you came up with is miles better than that!" Reese comforted.

"Yeah! I know you did your best, Gary the P, and that should be enough to win anything." Calara cheered.

"Thanks, guys," Gary the P as he put on his brave face. "Let's see what we've got."

He gave Charlie the CD. It was all about to come to an end.


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