Monday, January 30, 2012

Part 30: The Grand Finale

With a new super-antagonist, our heroes and other antagonists had no choice but to team up to take him down.

"Guys," Batman growled, "this Joker is no joke."

"...That was really lame, Batman." Gary the P said.

"Yeah, leave the puns aside." Calara also said.

"Grrr..." Batman growled. "Anyway, we can't afford to lose to this guy. It's ten against one, so how hard could it be?"

At that moment, The Joker pressed an absurdly large button from the inside of his jacket. A hole opened up in the ceiling of the warehouse. A large buzzing noise filled the air, and a blimp parked itself on top of the roof.

"What the...?" Stan bemused.

"IT'S A ZEPPELIN!" Randy from A Christmas Story said about 28 years ago.


There was absolute stillness as everyone waited anxiously for what was to come. Then, speakers descended from the base of the blimp. Nothing could have prepared the ten heroes for what happened next.

... Yakety Sax.

"HOOHA!" The Joker exclaimed. The final final showdown had begun. He whipped out an M18 Carbine Rifle Shotgun and started twirling it around his fingers to tease the others.

A loud crash rang out as a car burst through the warehouse and landed on top of the other one. A Canadian man climbed out.

"Not so fast, eh!" said Waldo with a grin.

He pulled out his Deku Slingshot and fired a seed at The Joker. He missed him, but he did hit the trigger of the gun. It fired, hitting The Joker in the chest, killing him instantly.

"That's... it?" Reese asked no one in particular.

"We... we won!" Gary the P exclaimed, forgetting that there was still an evil mafia in their midst.

"Well, it's been nice fighting with you guys." Stan said, forgetting that he had done no actual battling.

"We'll see you guys later, we hope." Karen said sentimentally, forgetting that she was on neither side, really.

She, Stan, Nahim, Charlie, Marcus, and maybe Reggie left the warehouse and hopped in their helicopter to go wreak havoc on some more innocent people.

"Crazy kids." Reese laughed as the helicopter flew away into the sunset. "Well, I've got to get back to Jim. I haven't fed him since last week, and he'll be pretty hungry by now. Bye, son!" she said as she kissed Gary the P on the cheek and teleported back home.

"It's been an honor." Batman growled as he grappling hooked away.

"I'll be waitin' in the car, you two! Hurry, eh?" Waldo said smilingly.

As Waldo walked away, Gary the P and Calara stood in the warehouse alone.

"I guess we should kiss now." Calara blushed.

"K." Gary the P bluffed.

And they did.

---THE END---



After kissing for at least 4 seconds, Calara remembered that they should probably save Mayor Wes the Triumphant from the warehouse. And they did.

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