Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Continued Adventures of Sam the Farmer

Sam the Farmer woke one gray Nebraska morning to the sound of thunder. It was raining, and there would be no working in the fields that day. Sam thought of how he could be productive. He leaned over to ask his wife, Maggie, but she was still asleep. He kissed her on the cheek and went back to sleep. He would think about it after sunrise.

After the sun rose and the rooster crowed, Sam woke from his sleep. Maggie then woke up shortly after. She asked him if he wanted breakfast and Sam said yes. Maggie went downstairs and made eggs for herself and her husband. She cooked them scrambled, because, the last time, she had cooked them over-easy. Sam came downstairs dressed in his work attire and ate his breakfast. The eggs were delicious and he thanked Maggie for her cooking. Maggie was flattered and kissed him on the cheek.

Sam soon began to think of ways he could make progress so as not to fall too far behind on his harvest. The first days had given plentiful bounty, but with this rain delay, the work would slow down. Sam decided that he should tend to his chickens first, and he went outside with his bag of feed. He fed the chickens and they ate the food quickly. Sam was satisfied with his hens and saw that they had produced a couple of fresh eggs. He gathered the eggs and took them inside to Maggie. She thanked him for the eggs, and then Sam went to check on his horse. The horse was doing well. It was a strong, hardy horse. It was the type of horse that would have been good in a war, and Sam was proud of the horse. It was a good animal for carrying heavy loads and pulling the cart come time for market. Sam fed the horse and patted its head then went on his way. Soon it was lunch time and Sam ate Maggie's soup. The soup was very good, especially on this rainy day. Sam watched TV for the afternoon taking a break on this stormy day. Soon he drifted off to sleep and took a nap. Maggie woke her husband for a dinner of roast chicken. This was one of Sam's favorite dishes, and he ate it very quickly. Maggie jokingly scolded him for his table manners and then kissed his cheek. Sam thanked Maggie again and went back to the TV. Maggie soon joined him and the two watched the evening news together. Later that night, Sam helped Maggie clean the living room. He felt she deserved a hand. Soon, the two decided it was time for bed and they changed into their nightclothes. They drifted off to sleep together both dreaming of the market.

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