Friday, January 27, 2012

Murder Mystery Part First Person (27)

The Eyes of Nahim
A buzzer sounds somewhere off into the distance. It's time to act. Stan is counting on me. Can't fail. For Quiznos. For life itself. Karen is my opponent. Good thing she's just working for us and she's going to blow the match against me. Betrayals... Classic! I think I love her... Maybe she would say yes if I proposed! We could have a family and a life beyond this mafia! How rad would that be?! We could move back home to Uzbekistan and have many herds together. That'd be the life! ... Yeah...

Wha-... Oh yeah, time to play! I pick up my paddle and don my headgear. It's on! First to 21 is the winner. Shoot off my serve, she retaliates by dropping the paddle in fright. Oh how I love a good ruse! I also like funnel cakes... Ping Pong. Got it. 20 more points to go. Better get hydrated! I grab a water. It's gooooooood. I serve, she misses again. Too easy, Gary the P might realizes she's with us! Better blow a point.

The Eyes of Karen

The Eyes of Calara
She's an idiot! She couldn't tell a ping pong ball from a mammoth! I wonder what it'd look like to play this game with mammoths instead of ping pong balls...

The Eyes of Nahim
 I've got 20, she's got zero. This was too easy! Maybe I won't propose to her; she's probably thinking about bubbles anyway. She serves, I hit the ball with ape fury. #$^&%^&(%&@ I hit her face! Sorry, Karen! Forgive me! At least I won...

The Eyes of Batman
 Foosball. R'as knew this day would come. Let's play a little game Charlie the A. I step up to the table. The ball enters the arena. With lightning fast reflexes, I throw a Batarang into Charlie's face. That was easy. Next game.

The Eyes of Reese
 I couldn't do pushups to save my life! Why was I volunteered for this?! I'm a master Ping Pong player! I played one in the movie Forrest Gump... I think... Whatever, I'm sure Calara and Gary the P have me covered. I'm so proud of my son! I mean, the whole pretending to be a complete moron for 20+ parts of the story was a bit much, but it's whatever! Anyways, pushup time. Good lord Reggie is a beast! He doesn't even look like a human being!

The Eyes of Reggie
 Poor Reese. If only she knew that I was a clownfish-raptor hybrid. She'd be quaking in her ballet flats! Let's do some pushups. 10 minutes pass. I performed 9,364 pushups. Reese did 40, but they were girl pushups so they don't count! I win! Stan will be so proud o' me! I miss Franklin... He was so charmingly multi-racial! :D

The Eyes of Gary the P
Things aren't gonig as smoothly as I hoped. We're down by one. I know Calara is a darts expert since she's been to the world series of darts every year of her life. But my DJ'ing skills are a bit off. Maybe I oughta skip this match and go think of some wicked beatz. Good luck, Calara. I love yew!

The Eyes of Calara
Why is he leaving?!?!?! GARY THE P! DON'T LEAVE ME! I'm so nervous without him... What do I do?! Gotta focus, girl. Focus. Marcus is blind so beating him shouldn't be too difficult.

The "Eyes" of Marcus
 I think I can do this. Just throw the dart... NOW!

The Eyes of  Reggie

The Eyes of Calara
I think I win by default right? Sweet! Better go check on Gary the P. It's almost time for DJing. I bet he's terrified! He hasn't DJed since he was sent into exile for his dubstep remix of Stravinsky's "The Rite of Spring". Poor guy, he tries so hard to be cultured.

The Eyes of Stan Devlin
 The fools. If only they knew my secret... Oh well, it is of no consequence. Soon they will know my true identity. I. AM. SKRILLEX.


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