Monday, January 16, 2012

Still the Murder Mystery: Part 16

Our heroes were on their way to Springfield for about the third time now. Becoming increasingly frustrated, Calara punched the dashboard of the biplane they were traveling in.

"What's wrong with us, guys? It's like we're dragging this out on purpose! Ugh... we have to stop Hubert before he gets to Springfield!"

Charlie nodded, but Gary the P became slightly annoyed.

"Do you think this is our fault, Calalara?" he rapped. "We're all in this together, it's our destiny."

Proud that Gary the P finally put an end to that running gag, Calara calmed down a bit.

"Alright, alright. Let's just focus on finding Hubert." she enunciated. Charlie danced vehemently in agreement.

Two hours, thirteen minutes, and forty-two seconds later, they arrived at Springfield. They double checked that this was actually the Springfield that Mayor Wes the Triumphant belonged to, so that no more plot twists involving location could happen. None, Jake.

At that moment, a bird chirped outside City Hall.

"What do you think that was all about?" Gary the P breathed on Calara.

Calara was reminded by Gary the P's stank breath that they had not bathed or brushed their teeth since they left home. She decided fixing that was now their top priority.

"Gary the P, should we take a shower? Separately?" she asked cautiously.

Gary the P lifted up his arm to do a smell check. He awoke four minutes later from unconsciousness.

"'Yep.' he said." the author wrote.

So our heroes left Charlie by City Hall unprotected and went door to door asking the Springfieldianites if they could borrow their shower. After literally minutes of rejection, the two found an elderly couple that allowed them in.

"Nice house you have here!" Gary the P commented on the couple's 42,000 square foot mansion.

"Thank you, sweetie!" the old woman said while rubbing her hands together in a suspicious way.

"Now, here's the bathroom. You two have fun, you hear?" the old man said cheerfully... suspiciously cheerfully.

"I'll go first." Calara said.

"I'll stand guard. There's something suspicious about these two." Gary the P said observantly.

17 minutes into Calara's shower, Gary the P heard a bump. That's all, really. A few minutes later, Calara stepped out of the bathroom.

"Did everything go okay? Are you hurt?" Gary the P polled.

"Yeah, no, I'm fine. Why?" she rebutted.

"There's just something... odd about this place." Gary the P said garily.

"Well, if I hear anything weird, I'll tell you." Calara said as she rolled her eyes.

"I appreciate your constant vigilance." Gary the P said as he swooped off into the bathroom.

Gary the P hopped into the shower. He turned on the water as hot as it could go, because he enjoyed the scalding sensation. He then stripped his wet clothes off. He was just about to apply an absurd amount of shampoo to his chest when he heard a shriek.

"GARY THE P!" Calara screamed.

He front flipped out of the shower and burst out of the bathroom to check out the hullabaloo. Words alone cannot describe the shock and horror when he saw


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