Tuesday, January 29, 2013

We Give Up: The Credits

Sorry for putting this literary garbage in your reading eyeballs for the past month. Here's credit where credit is due.

 CAST (in chronological order of appearance): 

Abraham Lopez ----- Jorge Garcia

Cpt. Officer Policemann ----- Vin Diesel

Chief Administrator Badges ----- Channing Tatum

LeForbes Hathaway ----- Don Cheadle

Skye Rara ----- Naomi Watts

French waiter ----- Javier Bardem

Pierre (all of them) ----- Marion Cotillard

Jacques ----- Marion Cotillard

The country of Somalia ----- Guyana

Sagan ----- Franklin from last year's Murder Mystery

Carl ----- Jack, also from last year's Murder Mystery

Angelique ----- Rebel Wilson

Rover ----- WALL-E

Sam the Farmer ----- Rupert Grint

Maggie ----- Ruperta Grint

Lil' Wayne ----- Lil' Wayne

Hezekiah ----- Tom Seale

Jeroboam ----- Matthew Perry

Tommy Lee Jones ----- Josh Brolin

The French cashier ----- Bavier Jardem

The Russian agent ----- Miles Davis

FeLorbes ----- Keith David

General ----- Louis C.K.

Skoo ----- Björk

Isaac ----- Idris Elba

Zombie of the Spanish Army General ----- Helen Mirren

Bret Michaels ----- Johann Sebastian Bach 

Barack Obama ----- Ash Ketchum

Chewbacca ----- Jeff Goldblum

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson ----- Yoshi

Joan Jett ----- Jet Li

Herbert ----- A used Hyundai

Frunk ----- Daniel Dae Kim

Karen ----- Elizabeth Banks


Writers: Jared Seale, Jake Smith, and Stephen King

Directors: Jared Seale, Jake Smith, and Stanley Kubrick

The Producers: Nathan Lane, Matthew Broderick, Uma Thurman, and Will Ferrell

Score Composition: Hans Williams Jr.

Makeup and Costumes: Drake Roberts

Denzel Washington: Denzel Washington

Thanks to everyone for reading! See you again next year unless I forget.  

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