Thursday, January 3, 2013

Part 3: Crisis Alert!

It wasn't long until the motorboat ran out of gas, as the linear distance from Lake Michigan to Paris, France far exceeded the boat's expected one-tank distance estimation.

"What do we do now, guys? We're stuck miles away from shore." Skye smarmied.

"You guys didn't think I don't always come prepared, did y'all?" LeForbes contractioned. "Hop on my back."

Abraham, Officer, and Skye all perched upon LeForbes' shoulders as he took off his cowboy boots.

"Check it," he said. LeForbes is a black man, by the way. #diversity

He pushed a tiny red button on the heels of each shoe, and as if by magic or deus ex machina, water skis popped out. LeForbes let out a much anticipated "YEEHAW!" and sped off across the Atlantic.


Several hours later, the team had traveled across an entire ocean, Portugal, and Spain. They parked their skis at an uppity restaurant in downtown Paris, where they decided to get a bite to eat.

"Bienvenue sur Le thon Lusty, le meilleur restaurant de tout Paris! Mon nom est Javier Bardem, et j'utilise un traducteur en ligne pour saisir ce dialogue." the waiter asked the team.

"Yes, we'll have two plates of chicken fingers, one salad, and some onion rings, please." Skye ordered.

"Je n'ai même pas demandé à vos ordres encore, calmer vos seins!" the waiter said hurriedly.

"Excellent, thank you." Skye said politely, but not too politely, then winked with her right eye fourteen times.

"Ah, le mot de passe. Je reviens tout de suite." the waiter said as he walked away.

"So what's the plan, guys? Why was our first instinct to come to France based on how our perp's name sounded?" Abraham inquisitioned.

"Well don't tell Chief Badges, but I have a few leads to this spot." Skye said mysteriously.
"Why shouldn't we tell Chief Badges?" LeForbes asked mere seconds after Officer asked the same question, which no one could understand because of the numerous appetizers in his mouth. 

"No reason." Skye responded suavely, but not too suavely.

"Alright, so again, what's our plan?" Abraham impatiented.

"I have reason to believe our Angelique person has some of her people stationed within walking distance of this restaurant."

"How do you have reason to believe that?" LeForbes leforbesed.

"Can't you just let me be vague for once?" Skye retorted, but not too retortedly.

"Ici, vous êtes, vous femme très attirante du genre féminin." the waiter said as he brought the food to the table. He slipped something into Skye's $399.98 Harley-Davidson leather jacket as he walked away.

"Perfect." Skye said to a semi-bewildered three men. "I told you, I have leads. He just gave me the location of one of Angelique's known headquarters."

"Well that's great, but how do we know if she's there if she has multiple headquarters?" LeForbes asked mere seconds after Officer asked the same question, which no one could understand because of the numerous chicken fingers in his mouth.

"We don't. But it's a start." Skye asked.

"What time should we check it out?" Abraham stated.

"Let's aim for midnight. It's a perfectly cliche time that seems to fit with the rest of this story so far."

"I'm down." LeForbes said.

"Let's do it!" Officer said coherently.

"Well, it's 8 AM right now, what should we do until then?" Skye asked.

"Let's let Jake figure that out." Abraham smirked.


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