Saturday, January 12, 2013

Part 12: Presented by Ernest Hemingway

The letter was white and was in Abraham's hands. He opened it. Officer looked on curiously. Abraham read aloud.

You were good and you were graceful. Now you must find LeForbes. He is in the one place that he cannot return from. That place is Madrid, Spain. Perhaps you will find him and stop me.


Abraham and Officer knew where they had to go. They got on a plane in New Orleans and flew to Spain. The flight was nice and the stewardesses were friendly and were good women with strong bodies. The flight ended nicely with a smooth landing. The landing was smooth and it was good and the air was clean.

"Where will we go to find LeForbes?" asked Officer.
"Let's try in the capitol building," said Abraham.
"That's a good idea."
"Thank you."
"You're welcome."
"Can you hail a cab?"
"I will if you want me to."
"I want you to."
"I'll do it."
"Okay. That's good."
"More dialogue?"

One of them hailed a cab. I lost track of who it was.

The cab took them to the capitol. It was a pretty building with a good foundation. They entered the capitol and asked for LeForbes.

"¿Dónde está LeForbes?" said Abraham using his native tongue.
"Él está en la cárcel. Él es un criminal."
"El es mal?"

They left the capitol for the prison. They guessed which prison it was, luckily. LeForbes was in a small cell. The cell was bad.

"Hello, team. I am down," said LeForbes.
"I thought you would be," said Abraham.
"We're here to save you," said Officer.
"Here is a letter from Angelique. It describes the trial," said LeForbes.

Abraham read again. His voice was pained.

The next trial is tough. You must escape Spain with LeForbes intact. That will be harder than it sounds.


 Then Abraham put the letter in the trash. The trash can was brown and was in a corner. Everyone used the trash can to dispose of what they had and had not. It was a sturdy thing, and it had been there for many years. The trash can would be there for many years more as well. It was good.

"We have to get you out of here, LeForbes."
"Yes you do. Let's go."

They broke open the cell door and left. They snuck past the guards but then a spotlight saw them.

"STOP!" said a guard, plainly.
"No," said LeForbes.

The Spanish military rolled out the tanks and bomber planes. There was also a zeppelin. It was bad.

"Run," said Abraham. They ran.

They ran until they came across a platoon of soldiers with big guns and hearts ablaze with passion.

"What exactly did you do to this nation?" asked Abraham.
"Doesn't matter. Watch out," said LeForbes.

He used the God Boots to create a sword. It was made of fine metals. It was an honorable sword.

"Say farewell to your arms," said LeForbes. He cut off a soldier's arms. The other soldiers started shooting but it was poor and there was no honor in their shooting and so they failed and it was not graceful and the trees were green.

"Let's go."
"Okay. Where?" 
"Out of Spain."
"That is nice."
"Those hills look like white elephants."
"That was clever."
"Dos Aniz del Toro."
"That is good. With water?"
"Yes. With water."

They left Spain after shooting down the zeppelin and the entire air force. Also many tanks were blown up. Also the entire army was defeated. LeForbes was proud. They reached France and crossed the border.

"Look. A letter," said Abraham.
"Read it," said Officer.

Abraham picked up the letter. He opened it and began to read it.

In the rain.


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