Saturday, January 19, 2013

Part 19: Memento

Abraham sighed, accepting that he'd gotten himself into the worst situation imaginable. 

"Right. Well, might as well make yourself comfortable. We'll wait for Angelique's instructions to deal with you. My name is FeLorbes, and this is General, Skoo, and Isaac," he said, pointing to three other menacing looking accomplices. "Don't bother us if you know what's good for yourselves."

"Mmmphh... ffff..." Abraham struggled to say.

"Who are you, and why are you here?" a large bearded man asked threateningly.

He woke up some time later with a nasty pain on his head. He noticed he was tied to a chair and had a bandana tied around his mouth. Next to him were Skye, LeForbes, and Officer, all in the same situation.

He burst through the door, but immediately felt a hand grab him around his mouth and other forces tackling him to the ground.
"Crap!" he shouted as he tried to catch up with them.

Unfortunately, as he was asking this, the rest of the team mindlessly barged into the building, shouting war cries as loudly as any human could.

"When did you take off the cone of silence?" Abraham asked as he put it back on her head. "Anyway, I agree with Skye, this looks pretty good. What's our attack strategy?" 

"This looks sketchy. I like our chances here." Skye exported from her mouth. 
After seven days of searching, the team came across a shady looking fort. 

The team scurried off to the coordinates Abraham had acquired from the Soviet base. Unfortunately, all he could remember was that it was 200 miles outside of Yekaterinburg. Logically, the team located Yekaterinburg on LeForbes's boot-GPS, then walked in a 200 mile radius of the city.  

"Fair enough. Let's move." Abraham directed. 

"I'll wait until later for a more dramatic reveal," Officer said. 

"Go ahead." 

"I have a theory," Officer theorized. 

"Who knows?" Abraham responded, "Anything could help us though. Maybe we can find what allowing her to teleport like this." 

"What do you think we'll find?" LeForbes asked in a totally logical manner.

"That only makes this harder for us. She could be anywhere at any moment. Meaning that now that we know where her base is doesn't matter as much. But we have to check it out anyway." said Abraham.

"Yep." confirmed Officer.

"Anyway," Abraham continued after placing the cone of silence upon Skye's head, "We have the location of Angelique's base, thanks to Skye and me. We have ... thanks to LeForbes. And we know that Angelique has some sort of teleportation ability, according to Officer."
"I feel like all we do is discuss plans." Skye said with a 'tude.

"Here's the plan." Abraham began.

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