Monday, January 21, 2013

Part 21: An Episode For Our Foreign Audience

Since we have quite an audience in countries other than America (Russia), today's brief episode will be cycled through many languages in Google translate, then back to English, in order to guarantee your full understanding.

"Abraham," said Skye.

"What?" He cried again about 5 dB higher.

"We did it!" Sky cried.

"We'll find out?" He cried again about 6 dB higher.

Follow, but it must be bad, the fee, the escape of three, namely, that there could be three times higher. Perhaps the most prominent member of the skipper for three hours at a time, but did nothing read the oath of allegiance.

"Abraham, look at this!" LeForbes said he focused on the field.

"Songs for the best." Finally, he said, every war remember snow, but inside, I do not remember.

Companies detective skills to track their way to help Russia. Adventures in control, followed by many things, it was a roller coaster, Moscow, Siberia, and died in local government and cold medications opening in Minsk.

Finally, existing rail and road to Cairo, Egypt.

"It was worth it," said LeForbes.

"I do not know, season snow, street lighting, the Middle East predicted.

"But the idea is a sign for us," he said, aware of the context of the discussion will be different in other parts of the world today and John Malkovich.

"Well, I'm looking for traces of lead," he said, she looks terrible pyramid tomb of King George III in front of them.

"What happens," think LeForbes.

"A place ..." He said: I will always refer to experts in this story from the beginning here.

The company has a large stone slab entrance to the pyramid is blocked, and threw it away, as if it weighed a thousand pounds.

Further Jake "Woo Hoo belly," said Smith

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