Monday, January 21, 2013

Part 21: The American Version

If you couldn't follow the version for our international crowd, mayhaps you'll enjoy this one instead.

"Abraham!" Skye shouted.

"What?!" Abraham shouted back, about 5 decibels louder.

"We lost them!" Skye shouted.

"Let's find them!" Abraham shouted back, about 6 decibels louder.

And so the team was off once again in search for an escaped criminal, except in this case, the escaped criminal number was three, so it was approximately three times as stressful. Perhaps the most stressed member of the team was Officer, who for three straight hours, did nothing except recite the Pledge of Allegiance.

"Abraham, look at this!" LeForbes said, pointing to the ground.

"Footprints, excellent." Abraham said, remembering that the entire battle of the last episode had taken place in the snow, even if it was indoors, which I can't remember.

The team used their ultra sleuthing skills to lean down and follow the trail of footprints all across Russia. The trail led them to many adventures, such as a roller coaster ride in Moscow, a local government overthrow in Siberia, and discovering the cure for the common cold in Minsk.

Finally, the trail led them to Cairo, Egypt.

"That was quite the adventure," LeForbes said.

"I didn't know snow covered the entire Middle East this time of year," Officer prophesied.

"It does in the warped mind of our author," John Malkovich said from far away, not knowing he was falling into context with another conversation on the other side of the world.

"So look where the footprints lead," Officer said, looking at the looming pyramid tomb of King George III before them.

"What could be going on in there?" LeForbes pondered.

"Only one way to find out..." Abraham said as he remembered that his original role in this story was to be a tech expert.

The team grabbed the giant stone slab that was blocking the entrance of the pyramid and tossed it away as if it didn't weigh thousands of pounds.


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