Friday, January 11, 2013

Part 11: Part 11

Realizing the this had basically turned into the plot of the Saw movie franchise, Abraham leaped across the Atlantic and landed knees first in the Mississippi Delta. Brilliantly, he had deciphered the hidden code in Angelique's letter (the six exclamation points at the end indicated that Officer was being held in the town of Greenville, MS).

Deep in the dark Greenville forest, Abraham came across a lone shack surrounded by LAVA!

"Oh no." Abraham said in the most deadpan way possible, as he stepped over the fiery lake (it was only an inch wide).

He stepped through the door and flipped the light switch to reveal a small, empty room. On the floor, Abraham found another note.


"That's it?" Abraham said with a hint of ecstasy, but in the most deadpan way possible. "Wait a minute."

Abraham, taking the note's hint, clenched his neck upward and noticed a drawstring about 6 inches above his head. He jumped with all his might, and was barely able to reach the tip of it, yanking it down. Thanks to the mysterious forces of gravity, he was able to return to the ground.

But soft! The ground wasn't there! The drawstring activated a trapdoor!

"Ahhh." Abraham said in the most deadpan way possible, falling miles underground.

Luckily, he landed on a soft Devil's Snare and used his flamethrower to escape it's treacherous grasp.

"Where am I?" Abraham asked Officer. "Oh, hey, Officer."

"Sup." Officer responded.

"So how did you get down here?"

"Whenever Angelique scattered us apart, I guess I just ended up here. What about you?"

"Mars." Abraham said in the least deadpan way possible.

"Sucks. Where am I?" Officer questioned.

"Somewhere in Mississippi."

"Ugh! My fourth least favorite state!" Officer said closed-mindedly.

Abraham ignored that part and got Officer up to speed with the notes Angelique had been leaving him. The two began conniving a plan to rescue themselves from the dungeon they had trapped themselves in.

Hours, days, weeks, even years passed, but that doesn't affect the chronology of the story, because that is just a normal fact of time.

"I've got an idea!" Officer said mere seconds after their last exchange of dialogue.

"Who?" Abraham mis-pronouned.

"I'll stand on your shoulders, then you stand on mine, then we just keep repeating that cycle until we get back to the top!?

"I can think of literally no reason that couldn't work. Let's go"

Causing Isaac Newton to weep in his afterlife, the two ascended up the vertical path back to the shack. They held hands and sang "Back in Black" in celebration.

"Hey, what's this?" Officer asked as he saw a note on the ground, written in orange and underlined for some reason.


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