Thursday, January 10, 2013

Part 10.5

Sam the Farmer woke early one morning to begin loading his cart for the market. His wife, Maggie, assisted him in this endeavor since their farmhand had yet to arrive. She did not lift too many heavy things, because Sam was a gentleman and took the brunt of the work. Instead she lifted smaller boxes of corn. This year's harvest had been a good one, and Sam could not wait for the first day of the market in the town. It was always the highlight of his year. Many would come and many would buy his foods for a fair price. Sam made a good living at the market and lived off of this money for most of the year. This made it very important.

After hitching the donkey to the cart, Sam kissed Maggie lightly on the cheek and set off for the town. The ride was long but calm and Sam found peace in the wild fields and the flowers that bloomed on them. He thought of the past season. It was a good one.

After arriving in the town, Sam set up his stall and laid his fruits and vegetables out for all to peruse. He put similarly colored foods together and separated fruits from veggies from starches. He also had some eggs for sale from the hens. The eggs were alright, but Sam preferred to focus on the harvest. The best eggs came from Greg the Farmer from down the road. Sam did not care though, because he found great joy and a strong living in his own work. Sam and Greg even got together for cards sometimes. Greg was a good man despite lacking smarts. Sam found his company cheerful always.

After the market, Sam counted his profits. They were substantial but modest. They would bring him a good life. He loaded up the cart and headed back home after saying farewell to Greg. When he arrived home, Maggie had prepared a nice dinner for him. The dinner was chicken and beans, and Sam enjoyed the well-prepared food. He thanked Maggie and then sat down to watch Wheel Of Fortune with her. He guessed many of the puzzles correctly. Maggie did not but enjoyed the lights and music nonetheless. After the show, they went upstairs for bed. They kissed lightly on the lips and turned off the lamp. In the morning, Sam would return to the field to prepare the next harvest.



  1. Why is this here? I read this whole story, and get an excerpt about some elephant in a zoo. I mean seriously? Where is the hummus you mag flumps? I oughta kaflooka gig-a-hump mow mow koo koo. Goodnight..

    1. Dear You,

      We are aware that some do not understand the sheer magnitude and deep layers of meaning inherent in our art. We do not, however, deem this an issue worthy of our concern. Please refrain from kaflooka gig-a-hump mow mow koo koo'ing out of respect for our other readers.



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