Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Part 15: Part 14's Sequel, Yet Part 16's Prequel

Skye was running as fast as she could. She had gotten the laptop and passwords, but not before security noticed.

"I'll never forgive the rest of them for sending me on this mission..." she grumbled to herself.

The door at the end of the hallway was closing down fast, and Skye's legs felt like they were on fire. Pushing herself to her limit, she lunged for the door and slid underneath it right before it slammed shut, you know, the kind of scene you see in every action movie ever.

"Huhhhhh... ahhhhh... huhhhhh... ahhhh..." Skye said as she breathed in and out.

She crawled behind a wall, opened up the laptop, and typed in the password. She logged into Facebook to check her messages and notifications, then got down to business.

"Okay, Abraham said the files would be under the encrypted folder on the E: drive." Skye thought to herself, but didn't say out loud, because that would be weird.

She kept glancing over her shoulder to make sure security hadn't come yet. By her estimate, she had a good two minutes to get what she needed.

Skye opened up My Computer and searched for the E: drive. Luckily, it was a Windows 7 computer, and this step was incredibly simple.

"Good thing this step was incredibly simple!" Skye remarked.

She quickly navigated through layers and layer of folders, double clicking frantically, until finally she hit the encrypted one. She looked at his really fancy, like, spy-caliber super advanced technology wristwatch that she bought from the internet, and after a quick calculation, concluded she only had about 30 seconds left.

"Gotta go fast..." Skye mumbled. (Author's note: This is literally the first time I have typed 'Skye' without typing 'Skype' first)

She looked at the list of passwords she had retrieved and grumbled, as it was only a list of the first 300 Pokemon. Cursing quietly, but loudly enough that my mom would have been disappointed, she played a quick game of eeny-meeny-miny-moe and landed on Pupitar.

Luckily, the password was Treecko, her 4th subsequent guess. But alas! The security was arriving!

Skye went into full-on Kronk-style stealth-mode, and escaped the building with ease, not forgetting to chuck the laptop back before it exploded. Now that she had the information, she could return back to the location that Le Computer Royale had given. Hopefully she would meet the other three there.


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